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    Chinese New Year Gifts

    Chinese New Year is one of the most prominent festivals in the Asia-pacific region. It is celebrated with great joy and fervour across Malaysia. People surprise their friends and family with Chinese New Year gifts and convey their heartfelt greetings. You can also check out a wide range of CNY gifts online on FNP and deliver them across Malaysia. 

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      Send the Best Chinese New Year Gifts to your Loved Ones

      The Chinese new year began around 3800 years ago with the aim to honour the ancestors and heavenly deities. However, today the holiday is about spending quality time with family members and endowing blessings. It is also known as the spring festival because it signals the beginning of spring in China. Chinese new year gifts hold great importance and value as they signify good wishes and prosperity. Days before the festival, an abundance of CNY gift ideas are widely showcased. FNP has a broad range of gifts catering to the elderly, children, and friends. The gifting range consists of beautiful hampers, fresh fruit baskets, and delicate plants. Our gift hampers, presented in baskets and wooden boxes are perfect for gifting friends and family members. They consist of appetizing food items, delicacies, alcohol, and tea sets. To ensure your Chinese new year gifts reach in time for the celebration, we provide gifts same day home delivery services.

      Thoughtful Chinese New Year Gift Ideas presented at FNP

      The Chinese kick-start their new year celebration in the most grandiose manner possible. Among the various Chinese new year gift ideas on our portal, you can opt for a basket of fruits. Fruits especially apples and oranges act as a symbol of safety and fortune, making your fruit basket a thoughtful gift. If you wish to give your dear ones an eco-friendly gift, go for the potted orchids. A Phalaenopsis Orchid is an elegant plant, available in hampers and pots. FNP is an Indian brand, with 25+ years of experience in helping customers celebrate their special occasions. We as an establishment are focused on providing our customers with the most exhilarating gifting experience. We provide same day flowers and gift delivery in Malaysia across numerous cities. In short, FNP is the right choice for your Chinese new year gift ideas and presents. So, sit back and relax, while we do all the work for you.

      Buy Fancy Chinese New Year Hampers

      What is the Chinese New Year celebration without some style and extravagance? This year, don’t settle for a quiet time and ordinary gifts when you can be extra. At FNP, you will find an enormous collection of luxurious and wholesome Chinese New Year hampers that will make the recipient ecstatic. These hampers range from fruits, snacks, refreshments, chocolates, dry fruits and much more. Furthermore, you can send them as gifts for friends, colleagues, parents and relatives without any worry of them getting rejected. They are one of our best-selling products so, if you don’t hurry up, they will go out of stock pretty fast. Go and grab these fancy Chinese New Year hampers right away!

      Avail Hassle-Free CNY Hamper Delivery via FNP

      FNP is a supremely renowned online gift store that provides some of the best and top quality products to customers in Malaysia. To send these Chinese New Year hampers to your near and dear ones, you must avail our hassle-free delivery services. We offer swift next day and same day CNY hamper delivery across multiple cities in Malaysia. Namely, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Putrajaya and many more. So, do not give it a second thought and place an order for these incredible hampers right away for an exciting and memorable Chinese New Year celebration.

      Explore Impressive Chinese New Year Gifts in Malaysia

      With the Chinese New Year season in the corner, it is time to get your shopping groove on and buy the below-mentioned gifts available at FNP.

      • Oriental Festive Hamper
      • Bring the new year with the best oriental festive hamper in Malaysia. This hamper contains the finest wine, as well as the most delicious goodies and snacks. Thus, making for the perfect Chinese New Year gift.

      • Food Basket
      • With the new year celebrations only a few days away, it is time to get your binging mode on. Buy lip-smacking food hampers that contain a massive variety of edibles ranging from chocolates, wafers to fruits.

      • Fruit Basket
      • How can you celebrate Chinese New Year without gifting a fruit basket? The fruit baskets at FNP have a ton of exotic and traditional fruits like kiwis and oranges.

      • Tea Gift Set
      • Like a wine bottle is a must, a tea hamper too is an absolute necessity in gifts. Order a luxurious tea gift set that has the best tea and numerous different flavours.

      • Personalised Gift
      • Nothing says you matter to me more than a personalised gift. Choose from the lovely cushions, photo frames, pens, keychains and mugs that will be customised with the recipient’s initials or a picture.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas

      What are the best Chinese New Year gift ideas?

      Ans: Some of the best Chinese New Year gift ideas are floral arrangements, chocolates, gift hampers, designer cakes, and fruit baskets.

      Do you sell a Chinese New Year gift box?

      Ans: Yes, we do sell Chinese New Year gift boxes that include chocolates, juices, snacks and more.

      What are the charges for Chinese New Year hamper delivery in Malaysia?

      Ans: The charges for delivering Chinese New Year hampers in Malaysia ranges from free shipping to RM 99.

      Do you provide same-day delivery for Chinese New Year hampers?

      Ans: Yes, we offer same-day delivery for Chinese New Year hampers. All you need to do is to place an order before 4 pm.

      Can you deliver Chinese New Year gifts out of Malaysia?

      Ans: Yes, we do offer delivery of Chinese New Year gifts out of Malaysia. You can send gifts to Australia, India, Canada and all across the world from Malaysia.

      What are the most popular Chinese New Year gift items?

      Ans: Some of the most popular Chinese New Year gift items are gift hampers, designer cakes, floral bouquets, chocolate boxes and more.

      When is the Chinese New Year 2022?

      Ans: Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 1st February 2022.

      Online Chinese New Year Gifts - FNP

      Chinese New Year Gifts Chinese New Year Gift Recipient Delivery Method
      Chinese Food Hamper Kids Standard Delivery
      Tea Gift Set Mother 3 Day Delivery
      Fruit Basket Father Free Delivery
      Festive Hamper Wife Same Day Delivery